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What is Fatigue and How Do You Prevent It? [blog]

By TMS Consulting

So what is fatigue? The short answer is that Fatigue is a state of physical or mental
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Fatigue: Contributing to Mistakes at Work

By Sally Cutts, Consultant Psychologist

When we are fatigued our effectiveness declines, lowering team effectiveness and ultimately organisational productivity...
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Is fatigue costing you money?

By Ben Hutchinson, Safety and Fatigue Consultant

Fatigue has been linked to a range
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Managing FIFO Fatigue in Mining [Blog]

By Tracey Pringle, Consultant - Safety and Fatigue

With 24/7 operations, heavy machinery, demanding rosters, intensive commutes, disruptive
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Picture of male office worker stressed and fatigued.

Occupational fatigue and the ‘white collar’ worker [Blog]

By Malcolm Lawson, Senior Consultant

There is a general misconception that fatigue management is predominantly a ‘blue collar’ issue, no doubt spawned by video and YouTube clips that graphically portray the results of micro sleeps whilst driving ...
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Key Findings from the WA inquiry into FIFO Mental Health [Blog]

By Aislin Harper, Provisional Psychologist

Despite the common necessity to use FIFO work models in Australia, there is still a significant blind spot in understanding the significance of mental health issues facing these workers and their families.
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What the Resources Industry can learn from the Australian Pipeline Industry’s Fight Against Fatigue? [Case Study]

By Teegan Modderman, Senior Consultant

As an industry that predominantly operates in harsh, remote areas and is serviced by fly-in/fly-out workers, there
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