Workplace Bullying

Employees experiencing bullying in the workplace, directly or as a witness, are more likely to be dissatisfied with their work environment, have poorer health and wellbeing outcomes, take more time off work, and may ultimately leave their jobs.

Our Workplace Bullying consultants specialise in supporting organisations to implement best practice strategies for the prevention and management of workplace bullying, from conducting workplace bullying audits through to leadership development and cultural change programs.

Our team includes Psychologists and health and safety specialists who understand behaviour at work, can analyse the work environment to identify hazards, and can integrate appropriate behavioural and psychosocial risk management practices into existing health and safety systems and frameworks.

TMS has the following workplace bullying prevention and management service offerings:

  • Workplace bullying audits
  • Administration and reporting of psychosocial safety climate surveys
  • Development and implementation of adequate systems to identify, assess, control and monitor the hazards and risks associated with workplace bullying
  • Development and facilitation of tailored training and development solutions for employees, managers, executives, and workplace health and safety and human resources personnel
  • Provision of comprehensive and impartial psychosocial incident investigation processes to investigate complaints of workplace bullying and determine contributing factors


Australian health and safety legislation requires employers actively protect the physical and psychological health and safety of employees. Has your organisation taken reasonably practicable steps to mitigate psychosocial risks within your work environment? Contact one of our experts on 07 3003 1473 or for an initial discussion.