Sally Cutts


Sally is a Registered Psychologist with a Master degree in Organisational Psychology. She has a well-developed knowledge of change management principles and methodologies, psychosocial safety in the workplace, organisational development, and team development. Sally uses her science background (completed a Bachelor of Science) to inform her practice and enjoys applying cognitive psychology and neuropsychology in the workplace, and using psychometric assessments as a recruitment and developmental tool.

Sally is passionate about working with clients to ensure that they not only reach, but extend their potentials. She has honed her client liaison and communication skills through working with clients from a wide range of industries, across both the public and private sector. Across industries, Sally has contributed to a wide range of projects, including those targeting employee engagement, graduate recruitment, change management, psychosocial safety, job satisfaction, team development, fatigue management, and conducting psychometric assessments for both recruitment and development purposes.


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