Ben Hutchinson

Safety Consultant

Ben is a qualified Exercise Physiologist that focuses on occupational health and safety. In particular, the links between fly-in/fly-out environments and 24/7 shiftwork schedules, fatigue, human factors, and safety.

Ben has worked in multiple industry and laboratory research environments. A recent project involved spearheading a large-scale industry-sponsored fatigue management research project in Australian pipeline construction. Other projects involved effective shiftwork roster design based on ‘best practice’ guidelines for a road transport authority in Australia, reviewing safety management and fatigue risk management policies and guidelines in oil and gas and construction companies, and assisting scientific research in fatigue, eating, and cognition performance studies.

Ben has a strong technical nature, and plays to this strength using a range of methods including psychometric and vigilance testing, sleep measurement devices, fatigue and risk analysis modelling, statistical analysis software, health/fitness questionnaires, cardiorespiratory exercise testing and postural/musculoskeletal assessments.