Once the transition has been accepted, organisations will begin to ‘establish’ and evolve into their new ways of working.

Staff Emotions

Optimism for the opportunities in the new ways of working

Sense of freedom and agility

Appreciation for flexibility

Discomfort with some changes being made

  Expected Behaviours

Suggesting or trying new ideas or ways of working

Thinking more expansively

Some resistance or frustration about new ways of working

Heightened underlying tensions or differences in communication styles come to the fore


Complacency or denial about changes that need to be made

Staff experiencing sadness about loss of contact

  Leadership Challenge

Ensuring sustainability – making difficult decisions

Holding difficult conversations

Expressing pride in efforts to reorganise

Keeping teams motivated

Providing direction / clarity on the way forward

Establishing clear expectations regarding behaviour, delivery, and engagement

Business Challenge

Keeping safety of employees at forefront of conversations

Providing clarity about what is known and unknown

Making changes to roles and responsibilities

Determining opportunities for revenue making

  Recommended Action

Virtual learning sessions on resilience, team communication and engagement

Webinar: Managing introverts/extroverts remotely (DISC style)

One on one resilience coaching

Career transition coaching

Additional Resources