In this phase, organisations will be implementing their transition plan and will need to manage the different reactions associated with this change.

Staff Emotions


Forward focus

Unsure of what to expect moving forward

Hesitation in transitioning back to the workplace

Excitement for re-connecting with colleagues in person

  Expected Behaviours

Difficulty re-engaging/re-adapting to office environment

Increased engagement

Adherence to new norms

Changing levels of productivity associated with operational changes

Varying levels of stress and anxiousness


Moving too fast / too slow in the transition back to the office

Not managing the range of staff emotions that may be experienced with the transition

Not maintaining the benefits realised / gained from WFH

Differing expectations for what the ‘new normal’ is

  Leadership Challenge

Embedding the ‘new normal’

Renewing focus on culture and team dynamics

Maintaining momentum, encouraging growth

Continuing professional development opportunities

Creating alignment and mutual understanding for the way forward

Business Challenge

Team development and engagement

Renewing focus on culture and organisational dynamics

Evaluating and reviewing organisational operations, implementing continuous improvement processes

Creating additional opportunities for flexible working

  Recommended Action

Strategy planning

Team development sessions

Team coaching/Facilitated First Team discussions

Additional Resources