Now that organisations have established their new ways of working, they will need to start planning for transitioning back into the workplace and maintaining motivation in staff.

Staff Emotions



Growing Trust

Eager to return to working together

  Expected Behaviours

Productivity decline

Productivity increase

Unfocussed – difficulty managing home and work priorities

Impatient to move on


Burn out



Not keen to return to ‘traditional’ office arrangements

Frustration for early adapters

  Leadership Challenge

Engaging overtly in new ways of working to re-engage team, provide variety

Continuous communication and reinforcement or adjustment of  purpose and vision, priorities, expectations and accountabilities

Provision of growth and learning opportunities that embed and connect to the change

Demonstrate personal adaption to new ways of working

Continue increasing level of delegation and autonomy for staff

Business Challenge

Lessons learned and org wide reflection on the previous 6 months

Ongoing monitoring of staff sentiment

Balancing urgent vs. important tasks and maintaining delivery

Resource management

Embedding business analytics

Dashboard reporting of KPIs for the new ways of working

Continuing professional development and growth

  Recommended Action

Virtual learning series on wellbeing; self-care; psychological safety and mental health

Webinar: Balancing our personal and professional lives at home and at work

Webinar: Personal and professional growth strategies in the current climate

Additional Resources