Organisations will be continuing their transition back into the workplace and will need solutions for re-engaging the workforce throughout this change.

Staff Emotions

Acceptance for the changes that have occurred

Pride in the organisation for what it has endured

Anticipation and Excitement

Eager to maintain autonomy and flexibility

Understanding that the change is positive and genuine

  Expected Behaviours

 Resistance reverting to ‘old ways’ of

Questioning (e.g. what will teams look like; how will we return to capacity following cut-backs?)

Becoming comfortable with the evolved ways of working

Ready to ‘leap’ into the new future


Staff feeling ‘loss’ for the WFH period

Lack of planning and preparation for the transition back into the office

Uncertainty and questioning for what working life post COVID-19 will be

  Leadership Challenge

 Re-defining the way forward – new ways of working in the workplace and from home

Planning and communicating for re-integration

Transitioning back into the workplace

Managing the different emotions / behaviours associated with change and transition

Business Challenge

Strategic planning for long term priorities

Transition planning for when the organisation goes back into the workplace

Catering for the different preferences within the new ways of working (i.e. increased flexibility options)

  Recommended Action

Virtual learning series on re-aligning our teams; setting new goals

Leadership workshops and support on how to reintegrate/evolve teams

Staff engagement in new work models and how we might keep the benefits from this period

Coaching – planning and preparing for re-integration personally and professionally

Additional Resources