Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin has been a learning and organisational development advisor and qualified coach to leaders and organisations for over 15 years, bringing significant experience to TMS clients. Her experience extends across both Human Resources and Organisational Development including leadership development, growing performance, change management, talent management, cultural change and staff engagement.

Sarah provides significant value to clients, since 2006 she has been a leader of Organisational Development functions for three institutions as well as a member of senior leadership teams. She is passionate about the impact of learning and development and how it can support outcomes, and improve culture, performance, engagement and retention.

Sarah has built the capabilities of over 2,000 leaders through individual, group and organisational learning. She has coached in excess of 200 leaders, and her experience is underpinned by qualifications in coaching and organisation dynamics. She has worked closely with higher education, not-for-profit, government and commercial sectors. Sarah is an avid and passionate learner in the areas of neuroscience, neuropsychology, leadership, communication and change. These interests drive Sarah as she uses these insights to support clients to improve culture, leadership and performance.

To connect with Sarah please contact TMS on 07 3003 1473 or


“My experience of the program and of my coach Sarah Austin was great. In my role and the organisation that I work for, we were going through a very challenging time and with a lot of extreme changes. The coaching helped me to focus and was the best possible support that we can get, as it was independent and private, and we were able to open up and discuss all the issues and find solutions. The program and the coaching sessions worked extremely well hand in hand, and I think if one did not happen it would not have worked. It was a great opportunity to invest in your staff and that investment would return with interest and an organisational culture change is priceless.”

Gergana Dimitrova, Customer & Service Delivery Coordinator L2 (Scope)