The Transformation League

TMS is proud to be a part of The Transformation League – a global group of partner firms who can support you by bringing world best approaches in transformation, strategy and management consulting that are delivered by local independent consulting firms in your country. Underpinned by a global network of highly successful consulting firms who add real value to their clients we are proud to also ensure locally tailored methodologies, based on global research, specifically for your business.

The strengths offered to you through The Transformation League’s world-wide alliance include:

Single, global service offer

Through our network of consulting firms in Europe, North America, South America and Africa, The Transformation League is on hand to guide you through all your international projects regarding transformation and corporate strategy.

Leading-edge approach

All of our members are at the forefront of the consulting profession, expertly suited to providing you with creative solutions adapted specifically to your reality.

Independent network

Every member of The Transformation League is entirely independent, ensuring you flexibility, personalised service and a smooth, straightforward working relationship.

Clients of every size

Our members have a wealth of experience serving clients of substantial size, leaders in the fields, as well as more modest clients we are proud to guide on their way to becoming leaders.

Human sense of consulting

At The Transformation League, we favour a distinctly human approach, taking the time required to understand your corporate challenges, management, employees and organisational issues so that together with you, we can create the solutions that will help you reach your goals.

Focus on local consideration

Our members are native to their regions, acutely aware of the cultural considerations of each market and uniquely able to respond to the issues they create.

Clients in diverse sectors

We have been working with clients both from the private and public sector, to answer their specific needs and help them take up their challenges.

Connect Globally. Deliver Locally.


TMS is proud to be the first Australian partner of Culture15 – a Cultural Assessment Digital Tool. It provides a structured framework and approach, using a cloud-based platform to define the culture organisations need, diagnose where they are today, and track their progress over time. Culture15 measures and tracks culture through a blend of qualitative and quantitative questions over these three phases, all of which are underpinned by the Culture15 framework. It enables organisations to align its culture with what they need to executive their strategy. Utilising Culture15, TMS is able to work with clients on how to drill down to the level of observable, collective and practical behaviours that analyses cultural articulation, cultural capabilities and underpinning behaviours.


TMS Panel Arrangements

TMS Consulting is currently a member of the following Tender Panels:

  • Banyule City Council (VIC) – Provision of Capability Development and Compliance Training
  • Brisbane City Council – HR Consultancy Services
  • City of Ipswich (QLD) – Leadership Development Coaching
  • Department of Finance (Federal) – Corporate Management Advisory Services
  • Department of Transport and Planning (VIC) – Leadership Coaching
  • Department of Treasury and Finance (VIC) – Professional Advisory Services (PAS)
  • Logan City Council (QLD) – Organisational Development, Learning and Development, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Training
  • Whitehorse City Council (VIC) – Transformation Consultants Panel