Leadership Development

Strategically unlock the performance of your leaders. Guide and provide them with the necessary skills and tools to inspire enhanced employee performance, manage energy and develop a productive and positive workplace culture.

TMS works with our clients to implement positive interventions and motivate leaders to choose their attitude and engage optimistically with their teams.

We assist leaders to:

  • Recognise strengths in their teams that they do not always see in themselves
  • Seek to understand and meet the needs of their teams
  • Engage laterally with their peers to benefit both the organisational and/or public agendas and their own professional growth
  • Take the time to clearly define what success looks like and set goals accordingly
  • Empower and trust their teams to determine the best way to achieve these goals
  • Have the capacity to embrace individual challenges and learning opportunities

TMS Leadership Development Programs

TMS delivers Leadership Programs based on the philosophy of Performance Leadership.

Performance Leadership is a systematic, results-oriented framework that enables leaders to develop high performing individuals, teams and organisations.

Our programs are designed around specific outcomes for your organisation and include a strong focus on:

  • Situational and Political Awareness
  • Strategic and Operational Alignment 
  • Setting and Achieving Deliverables
  • Managing Team Development and Performance
  • Self-Awareness and Experiential Learning
  • Resilience

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