Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is planning in advance to have the right people in the right job, at the right time. It is a process of analysing the future needs and priorities of an organisation and the staffing and skills that will be required to meet these needs. 

Without proactive workforce planning, organisations might face numerous challenges, including:

  • Being unprepared for technological advancements or market changes
  • Critical skills shortage
  • Inability to meet operational demands
  • Lagging innovation and operational efficiency
  • Inflated operational costs due to increased overtime or reliance on costly temporary staff
  • Understaffing leading to employee burnout, reduced productivity, disengagement, and wasted resources.

Our Workforce Planning consultants can support managers and leaders in mitigating these risks through effective and targeted workforce strategies that accurately reflect the needs of the organisation and are adaptive to both the internal and external environment.


TMS’ Approach to Workforce Planning

TMS adopts a cyclical Workforce Planning methodology focused on developing an understanding of the external environment, and close alignment of workforce strategy with business objectives. TMS’ Workforce Planning methodology is action-orientated and focuses on those activities that need to occur in the short, medium and long-term to deliver the right workforce, with the right skills, to the right roles, at the right time.

Our team of Workforce Planning specialists can assist your organisation with the complete Workforce Planning cycle, or a specific portion. We provide a suite of services across these stages and can tailor a Workforce Planning process to meet a client’s specific needs.


Workforce Planning Activities 

Our approach to Workforce Planning is engaging and rigorous, promoting both inclusiveness and credibility for the final solution.


Some of our workforce planning clients include:


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