Strategy Development and Planning

Strategy planning and development is a systematic process that organisations use to define their long-term goals, determine the most effective approaches to achieve these goals, and to allocate resources accordingly. Organisations need effective strategy planning and development that ensures they remain focused on emerging business trends, anticipate market changes, and mitigate potential risks, to enable sustained growth and stability.

Without a strategic plan that is well-conceived, effectively communicated, and dynamically adjusted to meet evolving circumstances, organisations risk:

  • Being misaligned to market conditions, resulting in decreased relevance and competitiveness
  • Inefficient use or allocation of resources, investing in areas with low returns or continuing unprofitable operations that undermine financial viability
  • Operational inefficiency because of inconsistent goals, leading to siloed operations, duplicated effort, and miscommunication
  • A lack of clarity, direction, and purpose which can leave staff confused about priorities, decreasing motivation and increasing turnover
  • Losing the confidence of investors, partners, and other stakeholders who rely on strong strategic direction to make investment, resourcing, and governance decisions

Our consultants support leaders to undertake a critical review of what their organisation does and why it does it.  Defining the value the organisation offers provides a strong platform for strategic and business planning, and for measuring the outcomes delivered.

TMS’ Approach to Strategic Planning 

TMS supports clients to develop strategic plans that show a clear line of sight for staff between the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of the organisation. TMS develops plans that are practical, can be implemented with clarity, and have clear links to the organisation’s mission and values.



TMS utilises a range of tools and techniques that can be applied based on the requirements of individual organisations. Examples include:


Strategy Development

TMS understands that a clear and effective strategy provides guidance and support to organisations as they work towards achieving their goals and KPI’s. TMS ensures that any strategy developed is tailored to an organisation’s context and closely aligned to existing strategies. We work closely with clients to develop a deep understanding of the purpose and focus of their strategic documents, including desired outcomes, potential constraints or barriers, key stakeholders and level of detail. Leveraging our previous experience, TMS also considers the best practice approaches to ensure the final deliverable is innovative and can be used in an agile way to respond to changing scenarios and operating environments.

Some of the clients we have assisted with strategic planning include:



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