Corporate Governance

The processes, structures and people governing an organisation have a fundamental impact on its success. Effective corporate governance is not just a matter of compliance, it also plays a vital role in driving organisational performance.

There is no universal governance framework that will work for every organisation and that is why the TMS approach to Governance is both tailored and flexible. We regularly consult to and have a strong appreciation of the context and requirements of government, not-for-profit and private sector entities. We will work with you to optimise your governance in light of your size, structure, sector and operating environment.

We have a strong focus on cultural aspects of governance – boards and leadership teams need to be cohesive, able to harness a diversity of views, and have good group decision-making processes. TMS has the expertise to support boards to develop as high performing teams, strengthening the value they deliver through their governance.

Diagram of Corporate Governance EffectivenessOur key organisational performance and corporate governance services

  • Review of governance effectiveness
  • Development of governance policies and procedures
  • Building governance capability to meet expectations of funders and donors
  • Role clarity for board and executive teams
  • Design of board and committee structures
  • Enhancement of meeting processes and effectiveness
  • Board composition, design and recruitment
  • Succession planning
  • Board performance planning and assessment
  • CEO performance reviews and performance structures
  • Director induction and coaching
  • Group dynamics around the board table
  • Group decision-making skills in a governance setting


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