Social Responsibility

TMS Consulting has a vision to be a leading, nationally-based consulting firm that optimises people and organisational performance based on strong industry knowledge, contemporary research practices and responsive, innovative tailored solutions delivered with energy and passion.

At TMS, this vision is supported by our desire and commitment to conduct our business in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Together we are dedicated to supporting and protecting the environment, providing a safe and enjoyable place of work for staff, and utilising our knowledge and resources to make a positive impact on our community.

What is important to us?

CSR_-_Hand Our Community: We give back to the community that sustains us, and take an active role in providing assistance to people in need, both locally and internationally. We support a range of charities and participate in a range of fundraising activities as a team, and provide support for our employees to do so individually as well.
CSR_-_Tree Our Environment: We consistently seek to minimise the environmental impact of our activities, and where possible play an active role in improving our environment. We aim to reduce the resources consumed and carbon generated by our organisation, and also to reuse and/or recycle materials wherever possible.
CSR_-_People Our Organisation: We recognise that the most valuable resource for our organisation is our staff. TMS proactively supports a healthy and safe workplace, including the provision of generous employment arrangements, proactive health strategies and the continued development of our positive workplace culture.


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