Organisational Change Management

Approximately 75% of all Organisational Change Management programs fail, largely because employees lack the awareness, desire, knowledge and skills to adopt new systems and procedures. TMS is highly regarded for our ability and experience in helping organisations overcome these barriers to successful change initiatives.

Our approach to Organisational Change Management is structured to support the organisation, its leaders and its people through the transition from the current way of operating to the future state.


How we can help with your change

Change in organisations can provide many valuable business opportunities, resulting in the achievement of high levels of performance and competitive advantage. However, it can also be experienced as a time of loss, disruption, and threat for employees. Here’s how we help organisations navigate these challenges.


Strategy and Planning

Often organisations have excellent project plans for implementing change but fail to consider the human factors of the transition.


Change Leadership 
and Training

During times of uncertainty, it is imperative that leaders are the steady hand guiding change. Learn more about our leadership and training.


Communicating Change

TMS guides organisations on how to create buy-in and proactively inform operational staff on the process of change.


iADAPTE™ Change Methodology

TMS has developed the change management methodology iADAPTE™ which guides companies through change.


Our Change Management Framework: iADAPTE™

TMS Consulting has a long history of helping individuals, teams and organisations undertake change and realise the benefits from doing it well.

From this experience, TMS has developed the iADAPTE™ Change Management Framework for its clients.

The TMS iADAPTE™ Change Management Framework is a methodology for change that works. It is a framework that manages change in a way that is proven, sustainable and yields ongoing organisational benefits. It is based on best practice and has been tested in real projects. It is a step by step guide and toolkit within an overarching framework that provides everything you need and more to deliver on change effectively.


iADAPTE Change Management Framework Sml


Who we have helped

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“We engaged TMS Consulting to assist us with a large organisational change project through provision of Learning & Development, Change & Transition, Career Planning & Coaching services. We found TMS to be very professional in their approach and the results of their work with us to date have been excellent.

The quality of material and high standard of work by their facilitators has been commented upon very favourably at all levels of the organisation. We believe that this has been an excellent investment by this organisation, for its people and for the business. The work TMS carried out has ensured we have a solid foundation on which to build and which has positioned us for success in a complex and ever changing business environment.

TMS – thank you and well done!”

Rosalie Chant, HR Manager

Frequently Asked Questions about Change Management

Change management is the process of effectively transitioning organisations and all key stakeholders through a change to any facet of the organisation. The change could encompass a myriad of facets encompassing:

  • An organisational restructure/re-design
  • Digital Transformation
  • Implementation of a new technology system
  • A transformation in organisational culture
  • Business process re-engineering
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A change management process is typically a sequence of steps that helps guide an organisation through a period of change. TMS utilises the iADAPTE Framework to guide change process. The steps include: Assess, Design, Advance, Position, Transform and Evaluate.

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Effective change management is grounded in principles that organisational success relies on a balance between both tangible (e.g. systems, practices, services, structures) and intangible (e.g. culture, relationships, beliefs, leadership) elements. For change to be effective, organisations must consider both tangible and intangible factors when implementing organisational change.

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