iADAPTE™ Change Management Framework

TMS Consulting has a long history of helping individuals, teams and organisations undertake change and realise the benefits from doing it well. From this experience, TMS has developed the iADAPTE™ Change Management Framework for its clients.

What is iADAPTE™?

iADAPTE™ is an Australian owned and managed Change Management methodology which offers an all-inclusive, easy to follow process built by change management experts with over 30 years’ experience. iADAPTE™ supports change agents, leaders and their respective teams to manage and implement change effectively and cost efficiently. It provides confidence to all stakeholders knowing they are guided and supported throughout the change transition across their organisation.

iADAPTE™ provides a framework at the strategic level, processes and models at the tactical level; and tools that your staff can use day to day in their projects. It is a step by step guide within an overarching framework that provides everything you need and more to deliver on change effectively.

iADAPTE™ is flexible and can be adapted to a range of changes and contexts. It includes all aspects of planning, as well as stakeholder engagement, selling the change, getting people on board, and ultimately implementing change in a way that is effective, sustainable and yields ongoing organisational benefits.

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Who was iADAPTE™ built for?

iADAPTE™ can be used by change agents, managers and leaders, with varying levels of experience, to follow and effectively implement change and optimise outcomes.

The Philosophy

iADAPTE™ is grounded in TMS’ philosophy that organisational success relies on a balance between both tangible (e.g. systems, practices, services, structures) and intangible (e.g. culture, relationships, beliefs, leadership) elements of the organisation. Organisations must consider both tangible and intangible factors when implementing organisational change. iADAPTE™ is designed to ensure that change is embedded to become business as usual and is sustained long-term.

iADAPTE™ provides organisations with:

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A structured approach to managing change.

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A complete end-to-end guided change management process – from conceptualising the change through to project closure and evaluation.

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A framework that emphasises the human transition and how to manage emotions during a change.

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A methodology that equally acknowledges the systems and process aspects of change as well as the people and cultural aspects.

iADAPTE™ Phases

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Identify needs and define the change – understand the current state, define the future state and transition requirements.

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Gain commitment and create the change strategy – determine why, ‘what’s in it for me’, and key steps.

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Create a Change Coalition – develop the capability of people to help ensure the effective delivery of initiatives and understand impacts of change on the business and people.

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Consult and engage – communicate transparently and frequently with employees, stakeholders, and clients.

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Execute the change and embed and maintain – manage the implementation so it is adopted and is effective and sustainable.

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Embed the learnings and realise the benefits – understand the lessons, celebrate achievements, and realise the benefits.


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