Embedded Change Management Consultants

In addition to our traditional Change Management consulting services, TMS can also provide your organisation with an embedded Change Manager on a part-time or full-time basis.

Find below an overview of this service:

  • A dedicated Change Management Consultant will be immersed in your organisation to work alongside your leaders, project team and operational staff to facilitate the change required.
  • We have reduced the risk of engaging a Change Management Consultant to allow you to focus on success. Behind your dedicated Change Management Consultant is TMS Consulting’s team of Senior Change Practitioners and Organisational Psychologists who can step in at any time to provide strategic advice and support where required, both to the Consultant and your organisation.
  • The Change Management Consultant will be selected specifically for your organisation. At the beginning, we will work with you to understand what type of Consultant you need to ensure the Consultant selected is the right fit.
  • You will see an uplift in behavioural change. With Organisational Psychologists in our team and a focus on neuroscience, we know what it takes to engage staff to transition through change. We focus on ensuring your staff will feel supported and consulted throughout the change process, leading to changes in behaviour.
  • Your staff and leaders will be better at managing change. Your dedicated Consultant will work collaboratively with relevant staff and leaders throughout the change program to develop their change management skills.



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