iADAPTE™ Change Management Process

Organisations are considerably more likely to experience success in implementing changes when robust and structured organisational change management processes are followed.

What is Change Management Process?

Change often requires organisations to adapt their systems, policies, practices and resources. It also requires employees, external stakeholders and customers to embrace new attitudes, behaviours, knowledge, skills, and approaches to their work and the organisation. A change management process is typically a sequence of steps that efficiently and effectively ensures all these factors are considered throughout a change project.

What are the steps in the iADAPTE™ Change Management Process?

The change management process that underpins the iADAPTE™ Change Management Framework was developed based on many years of experience leading change management projects and drawing on expertise in the practices of cognitive psychology and social neuroscience.

The iADAPTE™ Change Management Framework is flexible and can be adapted to a range of changes and contexts. The methodology is outlined in six phases and ten modules. These modules and phases are designed to flow into each other, as depicted in the model, but the Framework should not be treated as a strict linear process. There are many dependencies between different modules and phases, with several recurring themes and topics that are relevant to multiple aspects of the change management process. These are explained further throughout the manual.

iADAPTE™ Phases

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Identify needs and define the change – understand the current state, define the future state and transition requirements.

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Gain commitment and create the change strategy – determine why, ‘what’s in it for me’, and key steps.

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Create a Change Coalition – develop the capability of people to help ensure the effective delivery of initiatives and understand impacts of change on the business and people.

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Consult and engage – communicate transparently and frequently with employees, stakeholders, and clients.

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Execute the change and embed and maintain – manage the implementation so it is adopted and is effective and sustainable.

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Embed the learnings and realise the benefits – understand the lessons, celebrate achievements, and realise the benefits.

While many change methodologies are developed from the latest theories and methodologies, a common stumbling block is that they are convoluted and difficult to implement. iADAPTE™ is developed from best practice theories and methodologies, but it is designed to provide practical tools and processes that will guide all levels of change and without the need to be a change management expert.

The iADAPTE™ manual provides steps that are easy to follow and implement, from day to day projects, to large scale organisational change. The framework guides organisations to manage change in a way that is proven, sustainable, and yields ongoing organisational benefits.

Additional to the framework, iADAPTE™ provides a full suite of tools and supporting documents, including editable templates and fact sheets.


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