Anna Carroll, Project Director


“After a competitive process TMS Consulting were appointed in 2010 to provide a range of services to the project including:

  • a Leadership Development Program
  • team development
  • workshop facilitation for the diverse range of disciplines within the project
  • staff surveys including data collection and analysis
  • expert advice on organisational culture, capability and change management
  • psychological testing

In providing these services TMS consulted with me and the senior executive team.  They worked closely with members of the project to gain a full understanding of the operations and work units and created programs to suit these needs.

One of TMS’s greatest contributions was to design and implement a demobilisation strategy to oversee the exit of a significant number of staff with the least disruption and up most respect to those leaving the project.  As a result of their direct input and strategic guidance the GCRT project was, and remains, a cohesive team. 

TMS Consulting provided a very high standard of service and expertise and it is with absolute confidence that I recommend their professional delivery, collaborative approach and dedication to providing excellent value to their clients.”


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