Bruce Milligan, CEO

Spinal Injuries Australia

“TMS Consulting (TMS) was engaged by the Spinal Injuries Association to facilitate two key initiatives; a staff engagement initiative, and a leadership development program. The services provided by TMS were highly effective in achieving the outcomes that we sought. We have been able to achieve significant outcomes as a result of their work.

For the staff engagement initiative, TMS facilitated a series of workshops to explore the recent staff engagement survey results. The workshops provided an opportunity to bring staff together to conduct context setting and team building across the organization to encourage higher levels of joint ownership of the subsequent culture change action plan developed. In total, five half-day workshops were conducted with staff both in Brisbane and in Townsville. The workshops explored both areas that are working well, and areas that need improvement in the workplace culture. TMS then provided the Association with a final report, and assisted in establishing a Culture Change Action Plan, and Culture Change Advocate Group to ensure the changes were hardwired.

For the leadership development program, TMS conducted interviews with staff to understand the current state, then delivered a tailored two day workshop to the Association Management Team. The program enabled us to:

  • Build a strong and united leadership Team for the Association
  • Increase levels of self- awareness and awareness of other team members
  • Increase levels of trust and rapport between team members
  • Improve current communication levels and patterns between the team

TMS Consulting provided a very high standard of service and expertise. I recommend their professional delivery, collaborative approach and dedication to providing excellent value to their clients.”


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