Danielle Regeling, Acting ROC Manager

Queensland Government

“I am very pleased to provide this testimonial to the quality and standard of work delivered by TMS Consulting to the Mt Isa Regional Operations Centre (ROC).

In April 2011, the Mt Isa ROC sought independent expert support to facilitate several project planning workshops with a range of Australian and Queensland Government Agency representatives.  The intent of the workshops was for the Mt Isa ROC and government Agencies to work together and jointly focus government efforts towards implementation of a range of commitments to closing the gap in Indigenous disadvantage in the remote Indigenous communities of Doomadgee and Mornington Island.

From the first preliminary meetings through to workshop design and delivery, it was evident the TMS Consulting team had extensive experience working with other Australian and State Government Agencies.  Under the leadership and direction of Helen Wood, the team demonstrated a very strong capacity to meet very tight deadlines, effectively engage and manage relationships with key government stakeholders and deliver professionalism and significant expertise in both workshop facilitation and project management.

Helen’s workshop facilitation led to successful engagement with a range of key government stakeholders.  The partnerships established with key Agency representatives and stakeholders during the workshops helped to promote and embed the Remote Service Delivery reform agenda, contribute to development of a collective ownership of a key Closing the Gap strategy and importantly, progress action towards achievement of commitments under the community Local Implementation Plans for the benefit of the identified remote Indigenous communities.

The Mt Isa ROC looks forward to future opportunities to work with TMS Consulting and has no hesitation in recommending them as a preferred supplier.”


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