Debbie Best, Director General

Queensland Government

“For a period of three years, TMS Consulting provided consulting support and assistance in a range of areas for the previous Department of Environment and Resource Management. The services they provided included leadership development, change management, team and cultural development and executive coaching.

The leadership support provided included engagement with the executive team, provision of structured leadership development and both group and individual coaching. TMS were instrumental in:

  • Developing leadership and strategic management skills of middle to upper level management
  • Building a united executive team
  • Fostering effective relationships
  • Supporting the process for developing the agency’s strategic program

The services provided by TMS were of a high standard and very effective in assisting my Division and others. Their approach was client focussed. They started by ensuring that they clearly understood the requirements of the group, then provided an environment where the executive team could focus on how to work well as a team and the strategic issues for the Division. By observing the group they were able to clearly articulate the issues and then provide techniques for working through these issues. Additionally, the staff at TMS Consulting were very professional and responsive to needs.

The facilitation services provided by TMS were engaging and effective in achieving the outcomes sought. The Department was able to achieve significant outcomes as a result of their work and I am very pleased to recommend TMS Consulting to prospective clients.”


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