Graeme Hogarth, Project Manager

Australia Pacific LNG

“HPMS engaged TMS Consulting to develop and manage relationships in bringing a team together from a wide variety of backgrounds and initial views on objectives. TMS has also been instrumental in providing governance structure and as the observer for areas to be addressed and in the few instances required the facilitator to ensure team changes are understood and demonstrated to be best for project.

Over a period of six months the pipelines team under the relationship building direction of TMS has progressed to a strong united focus on best outcomes and is able to address issues as they arise in a firm and frank approach of respect for each person and understanding of a committed solution. We attribute the success of the team to the approach and guidance provided by TMS in a professional and respectful manner. The workshops are well planned based on research of the team behaviours and a very suited balance between team structural requirements, behavioural developments and exercises to allow team members to develop to their best potential.

TMS provides of whole of service approach and follows through with its considerations to ensure that the plans laid out are both well implemented and are being successful. TMS is experienced to make the changes necessary if a plan is not achieving the best outcome. We will continue to use TMS in this role and would strongly support any organisation that seeks to engage TMS to work to develop a high-performance team.”


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