Next in Line: Building the Future Through Effective Succession Planning

Are you thinking about your workforce of the future? Discover how to cultivate tomorrow’s talent today. 


In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to effectively plan for succession and develop talent is not just an advantage – it is a necessity.

With many organisations experiencing difficulties in recruitment, ensuring you retain high quality staff and map their future journey within the organisation is crucial. While Succession Planning can be a rational process, it requires a shift in mindset to effectively forward plan and consider the future requirements of your team.

The TMS module ‘Next in Line: Building the Future through Effective Succession Planning’ invites you to delve into the strategic processes and thinking that ensures your organisation has the right workforce to navigate through change. This interactive workshop equips participants with the insights and tools needed to plan for and cultivate a pipeline of competent leaders and subject matter experts who are fit-for-purpose for future organisational success.

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Workshop Overview / Agenda


  • Explore your understanding of succession planning and employee development.  

The Importance of Succession Planning and Employee Development

  • The role of leaders in driving succession planning and employee development. 

Risks and Opportunities

  • The risks of not engaging in succession planning.
  • Benefits and opportunities of developing future-ready employees. 

Approaching Succession Planning

  • Adopting a centred approach to succession planning. 

Practical Application

  • Explore succession planning tools available to you – 9 Box Talent Matrix / Critical Role Analysis.
  • Tips for engaging your staff in succession planning discussions.
  • Build commitment and accountability.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who facilitates the workshop?

TMS’ has a highly experienced team of facilitators who work with leaders and teams to build succession planning capabilities. 

Where is the workshop held?

TMS Consulting can facilitate the workshops at your office, off-site or online. 

Is the Succession Planning Module for my team?

If you are a leader or a team member, then this workshop is for you! Succession Planning benefits all organisations and is an ongoing conversation required for businesses of various sizes.  

What is the time commitment? 

The ‘Next in Line’ workshop is designed as a half-day workshop (four hours), however TMS can adapt to suit the needs of your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 



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