Unlocking the Power of Healthy Conflict

Do conflict conversations cause you discomfort? Do you and your team avoid them wherever possible?

Drawing on our vast experience working with a wide range of clients across both the public and private sectors, TMS has recognised that individuals across all roles and levels can find it difficult to engage in healthy conflict with their colleagues. Teams who do not effectively engage in healthy conflict conversations are at risk of having artificial harmony. This sense of ‘niceness’, ‘pleasant to be around’, ‘courtesy’ is underpinned by limited trust, anxiety and poor performance. It stifles organisational progress and reduces individuals’ engagement and enjoyment. 

By contrast, encouraging healthy conflict means people challenge the status quo, question assumptions and explore new ideas. It has many benefits to individuals, teams and organisations including stronger relationships, creativity, innovation and growth, improved problem-solving and decision-making – the list goes on! 

Healthy conflict is uncomfortable BUT it is a skill that we can all practice and develop. 

To support individuals and teams with practicing more effective healthy conflict, TMS has developed the ‘Unlocking the Power of Healthy Conflict’ program. This program enables participants to explore the concept of healthy conflict, and how they can both build their own healthy conflict muscle, while also encouraging others to engage in these discussions at work. 


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Workshop 1: Engaging in Healthy Conflict 

Time Commitment: 3hrs

Within the ‘Engaging in Healthy Conflict’ workshop, participants explore the concept of healthy conflict, the benefits to teams and organisations, and why it is essential to high performing organisations. Guided by a TMS facilitator, participants identify circumstances/obstacles for effective healthy conflict and explore practical strategies for engaging in healthy conflict at work. 

Bridging Activity

Time Commitment: 10mins

A self-assessment is distributed and analysed for all team members. The results are drawn on for the development of Workshop 2. 

Workshop 2: Developing our Healthy Conflict Charter

Time Commitment: 3hrs 

Within the ‘Developing our Healthy Conflict Charter’ workshop, participants reflect on themes from the team’s healthy conflict assessment and their learnings from Workshop 1. The workshop provides a safe space for participants to identify the individual conditions they require to engage in healthy conflict and discuss the behavioural ‘norms’ that will form the team’s Healthy Conflict Charter. 

Artefact: Healthy Conflict Charter

Following the two workshops, TMS will develop a Healthy Conflict Charter that will be a living document that the team can use ongoing to mature its healthy conflict capability. 


Client Feedback

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“I had the pleasure of participating in TMS’ ‘Unlocking the Power of Healthy Conflict’ workshops. I now have a deeper understanding of what healthy conflict is, why it’s essential for effective teams, and what it looks like in my team. I have been able to reflect on my own personal emotions and reactions to conflict as well as how others engage with it. I now have tips and strategies for managing my emotional reactions and how I can support others in these conversations. We are now practicing healthy conflict on a regular basis and keep coming back to our charter to ensure we are living our values and what we need from each other.”

Previous Participant  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who facilitates the workshop?

TMS’ has a highly experienced team of facilitators who work with teams across a range of sectors in leadership and team development, and cultural transformation.  

Where is the workshop held?

TMS Consulting can facilitate the workshops at your office, a central meeting space with catering provided or online. 

Is the Healthy Conflict program for my team?

If you are a member or a leader of a team of any size, then this module is for you! Healthy conflict benefits all organisations and it is a skill that needs to be nurtured and developed by individuals across all levels and roles. 

What is the time commitment? 

The ‘Unlocking the Power of Healthy Conflict’ program is designed as two 3hr workshops, however TMS can adapt to suit the needs of your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 



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