Integrating Strategy and Culture for High-Performance Masterclass

“The Integrating Strategy and Culture for High-Peformance Masterclass provided a great insight into how both strategy and culture are equally important for organisations to implement their strategies both short and long term. Helen Wood uses fantastic practical examples that can be linked to both the public and private sector on organisational approach for leaders to get best outcomes” – Previous Participant.

In this contemporary and immersive session, we explore the powerful connections between strategic direction and organisational culture. Discover how to lead with authenticity, foster a sense of shared purpose, and create an environment that promotes innovation, collaboration and growth. You will be equipped with practical strategies to implement back in the workplace. 


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Session 1: Organisations as Systems

Explore the rational and non-rational aspects of organisational functioning for outcomes and sustainability. Gain insights into the components pivotal for fostering a behaviourally aligned organisation.

Session 2: Strategic Acumen

The importance of strategic thinking and alignment of Strategy/Tactics/Operations is crucial for success in the complex business environment. Explore strategic decision-making for navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

Session 3: Leading from the Front

Strategies for shifting and transforming the existing culture towards a desired state. Learn how to demonstrate shared stewardship for your organisation. 

Session 4: Trust Based Culture

Explore the Five Functions of Effective Teams and how they can be applied in your organisation. Gain insights into strategies for growing collective psychological safety and vulnerability trust.

Session 5: Shape Culture, Drive Strategy

Learn the art of storytelling to support strategy in a compelling and engaging manner. Understand why ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ every day.

Session 6: Quantifying Culture

Explore how organisations can define, quantify and shift culture so that it is aligned and fit for purpose delivering on the organisation strategy. 


Client Feedback

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“I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Integrating Strategy and Culture for High-Performance’ masterclass. Helen Wood is a masterful facilitator and storyteller. The session was very engaging, the insights into culture and strategy and the integration of the two being so important to achieving high performance were extremely value. 

I would highly recommend this masterclass to senior managers, HR practitioners and organisational development professionals who are wanting to move the needle and transform their organisation.”

Carolyn Evans-Baker, Head of People Development

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who facilitates the masterclass?

Helen Wood, our CEO and Founder, facilitates the session and draws on her 25 years of experience leading her own successful business and delivering transformative programs on culture and strategy to many clients across both public and private sectors. 

Where is the masterclass held?

TMS Consulting can facilitate the masterclass at your office or a central meeting space with catering provided.  

Who should attend?

The Integrating Strategy and Culture masterclass is aimed at middle to senior leaders. If you are in the private, public and not-for-private sector, this is for you! 

How long is the masterclass? 

The masterclass is a full-day session, however TMS can adapt to suit the needs of your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 



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