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Creating a Sense of Togetherness in Your Team

Boosting team togetherness is an integral part of developing a cohesive, efficient and positive team outlook. A ‘healthy’ team means benefits for not only the organisation but also for all members and society as a whole. A team that works effectively will not only increase organisational efficiency but will develop an environment which is prosperous for the individuals who take part.

Here are our top 5 ways to create a sense of togetherness in your team:

1. Physical Activity

Exercising together boosts team togetherness. Exercising releases endorphins; therefore, team exercise will make team members feel good while they are participating in bonding activities. The form of exercise needs to be picked based on what your team needs.

Ask yourself, do they need to be more cohesive? Do we need to establish trust? Remember, regular exercise will increase the longevity of the impact; therefore, make sure to implement the activity regularly for optimal results.

2. Establishing open lines of communication

It is important to understand that everyone communicates differently and that to optimise team togetherness each team member needs to understand that of the other members. By simply opening your door, you are opening yourself up and communicating that everybody is welcome. This also lifts the veil of secrecy that can often be present in a team’s culture. Additionally, never underestimate the importance of feedback. A team that encourages two-way feedback will have stronger team togetherness.

3. Get to know each other

Knowing your team members interests in and outside of work will increase your team’s togetherness. Getting to know the person behind the work will allow each member to understand individual perspectives and goals. If you get to know your team members life outside of work, then you are able to make sense of each members actions and personal preferences.

4. Having clear team rulesImage of Team Building Activities

These rules do not just contain the do’s and don’ts of being part of the team; this includes creating team values and goals. This can be a team orientated process whereby the rules are decided upon by the team itself. If the team members agree with the setting of the rules, they are more likely to establish a personal connection with their values and goals.

5. Utilising team-based activities

These team-based activities can be anything from team volunteering to service projects. A great way to boost team togetherness is by increasing team morale. By establishing a personal connection to a purpose or specific cause, you are creating a sense of belonging that may not be present in the workplace. Connecting during team-based actives also allows team members to connect on a more personal level.

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By Gabrielle Foster

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