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Introducing Culture15®: Making Culture Tangible and Measurable

As highlighted in our previous blog, The Power of Organisational Alignment, there are clear and necessary synergies between an organisation’s culture and strategy. At TMS we believe the two should work in unison, supporting and driving each other to achieve organisational success.

While culture is a function of ‘how we do things around here’, in our experience, it is often combined with ‘what we believe about our work and workplace’ and ‘how we feel at work’. As a result, organisational culture has traditionally been seen as an intangible concept that is notoriously difficult to concisely describe, understand and measure. TMS can help your organisation unravel that complexity and focus in on the key indicators at the core of its culture.

TMS has recently partnered with a UK-based organisation called Culture15®, who have developed a tool that enables the quantification of your organisation’s culture and provides you with the ability to measure and track this over time, much like any other organisational metric.

Sounds too good to be true?

Let us introduce you to Culture15®!

The Culture15® tool has been designed to address a wide range of common challenges present across a range of sectors and organisations including:

Following a simple process, the Culture15® tool uses a blend of qualitative and quantitative enquiry over three key phases:

Across these stages, the organisation is asked to reflect on and identify key collective behaviours that are present in their interactions and ways of working. These measurable, observable behaviours form the building blocks of the Culture15® cultural framework, enabling organisations to analyse and actively manage their culture over time.

Supported by a user-friendly, cloud-based platform that enables culture results to be accessed in real time, Culture15® provides the following insights and data for organisations to review and utilise in the strategy planning.

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