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Keeping Mentally Safe at Work

tms_10tips_keeping_mentally_safe_at_workOrganisations have traditionally focused on physical health in relation to keeping safe at work. While physical safety is extremely important, it is also important to think about safety in terms of mental health and general wellbeing.

Poor mental health and wellbeing can often arise from too much stress. Staying healthy often requires putting in place coping strategies to combat work stress and make sure our work supports good health and wellbeing.

In the spirit of National Safe Work Month, here are 10 strategies you can put in place to reduce stress and help keep mentally safe and well at work:



  1. Eat lunch away from your desk
  2. Use a standing desk or go for a walking meeting
  3. Do something you love after work
  4. Go home on time. This may not always seem realistic, but ask yourself how important it is to stay back late – can tasks be complete the next day?
  5. Breathe. Spend a minute just focusing on taking deep breaths
  6. Stretch. Take a minute to stretch your neck and back – we’re not made for sitting all day
  7. Have coffee/ go for a walk with someone you can trust
  8. Take leave. Leave is there to be used – so use it!
  9. Drink enough water throughout the day – your brain needs water to function
  10. Say ‘no’. Negotiate and influence instead of accepting unrealistic expectations.

Safe workplaces are incredibly important. If you would like to discuss how you can keep your organisation both physically and mentally safe, contact TMS Consulting at

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