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Mindfulness: A Reflection

Sally MugI consider myself a complete mindfulness convert, spruiking its benefits to anyone who will listen. Although ‘mindfulness’ is a bit of a buzzword at the moment, it is popular for good reason: practising mindfulness can help us be more effective, less stressed, and ultimately happier beings. I often practice mindfulness in my everyday life and personally relish the benefits it brings.

Although I usually find that mindfulness comes quite naturally, I recently had a mindfulness crisis. Let me explain.

For Christmas our lovely CEO gifted everyone in the office a ‘mindfulness mug’. This was a mug that has patterns on it and comes with paints and paintbrush. The idea is to spend some time mindfully painting your mug.

Now for some context – although I do love mindfulness, I never jumped on the mindful colouring bandwagon. This was for one reason alone – I’m horrible at colouring in the lines. I’ve seen five-year-olds with more colouring ability than me.

So when this mug came along I was very excited to paint it but at the same time apprehensive. Thoughts of my lack of colouring-in talent filled my mind and the task suddenly seemed a little stressful.

On one summer afternoon, I decided to give it a go. I tried to use mindfulness as I coloured in the mug and you know what? It was so difficult! It soon became a stressful exercise and my thoughts were definitely very far removed from what could be considered mindful.

I stopped to reflect – why was I worried about how well I coloured in the lines? As I kept probing my discomfort I came to realise that there was no good reason as to why I should worry about my painting prowess. Once that little self-reflection was over I decided to start painting again, throwing away all preconceptions of how it should look and concentrating on painting mindfully.

After a while, I came to enjoy the painting and was in full mindfulness-mode. When I finished painting the mug I had not only enjoyed the mindfulness experience but also felt proud about moving past my own comfort zone and tackling something I’m definitely not talented at. Such a simple exercise showed me a lesson in finding joy when pushed outside my comfort zone. Who knew that something most people would find easy was such a learning experience for me?

I reflected on working with clients and how a task that most find easy can be such a push and a challenge for others. Everyone has different comfort zones – it made me laugh that mine was not a mindfulness mug. It also surprised me as someone who loves mindfulness to find this task so difficult and was cause for a reminder to not be complacent and always work on things that you consider your skills.

I now have my mug on my desk as a daily reminder to act mindfully and move outside my comfort zone. And you know what? Now I’m even considering tackling my arch nemesis the mindfulness colouring book.


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