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Occupational Stress: Can it be managed like any other hazard? [White Paper]

Psychosocial Safety WP Cover 200Work has been found to be beneficial for one’s psychological and personal wellbeing as it provides a sense of structure, purpose and identity (Comcare, 2004). Work also provides the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and build social relationships. However, work can have an adverse impact on individuals’ health and wellbeing. Research in this area indicates that when employees feel that they are not coping with the demands of work, they can experience a degree of harmful stress. The effects of stress are not conducive to an enriching culture where employees thrive, are productive, satisfied and motivated to deliver outcomes that are in line with the organisation’s goals and objectives.

This paper aims to explore the causes and consequences of occupational stress, as well as provide a brief overview of the risk management process that can assist organisations identify, assess and determine controls to prevent injuries and illnesses related to occupational stress.

Click here to read the TMS white paper – Occupational Stress: Can it be managed like any other hazard?

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