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Simplifying and Embracing Not-For-Profit Sector Reform [White Paper]

This paper on not-for-profit reform has been prepared within the context of government social policy in areas such as health, disability services, homelessness, workforce participation and education. In particular it focuses on the impact of not-for-profit sector reform on registered charitable organisations.

It has been well said that “change is inevitable” and this is no better illustrated than in the changes that the not-for-profit sector has seen over the past 10 years and the changes that will need to be made given the current reform agenda. To many the proposed not-for-profit sector reforms seem complex and questions have been raised with regard to the benefits of changes currently being outed. Despite the reservations of some, the reform process will continue, albeit with some amendments subject to the feedback from the consultation process. So what are the main sector reform issues and how best can we simplify and embrace change?

Click on the link to download the TMS white paper: Simplifying and Embracing Not-For-Profit Sector Reform

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