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Sustaining the summer holiday glow: prioritising wellbeing in the new year

The holiday period often brings a whirlwind of celebrations, lots of food, and special moments spent with family and friends. However, as the decorations come down and we return to work in the new year, it is common to feel a sense of post-festive blues. The transition from losing track of the day, to the routine of everyday life can be jarring for some people. Yet, it is crucial to remember the spirit of relaxation and self-care when the festivities officially end.

So how do we sustain that post-holiday ‘relaxed vibe’ as 2024 starts? TMS outlines some simple and practical suggestions for ensuring we prioritise wellbeing into the new year.

Consider starting a gratitude journal or simply take a few minutes each day to acknowledge what you are grateful for. It is a powerful way to shift the focus to the positive aspects of life, and reflecting on the holiday season is a great first step. Reminisce about the happy memories created, the laughter shared, and the strengthened connections with family and friends. Extend those feelings of joy and contentment into your day-to-day activities as you return to work. It could be as simple as appreciating your morning coffee, the air-conditioning in the office, or the chance to catch up with a work colleague for lunch.

Focus on establishing sustainable routines that incorporates sufficient sleep, regular and varied exercise, nutritious meals and any moments for some relaxation. Consider what makes you truly happy and see if you can incorporate those into your day. But consistency is key. Focusing on small, sustainable changes can make a significant difference in our overall wellbeing rather than setting a lofty new year’s resolution that is dropped in mere days!

Embrace your preferred self-care practices and dedicate time for activities that rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. What brings you joy and what can you incorporate into your new (and sustainable) routine moving forward?

Set yourself an intention for the year ahead. It could be a word, phrase or mantra that you repeat to yourself. Rather than resolutions that can set unrealistic expectations on us, and lead to the inevitable disappointment when we do not reach them, set an intention that allows for flexibility and personal growth. Consider what intention you can set that builds on your values and aspirations, rather than undue pressure caused by strict goals (e.g. ‘I’m going to work out every day this year!’)

Maintain the spirit of togetherness beyond your summer holiday. Reach out to friends and family to schedule regular gatherings. Human connection is a fundamental aspect of our wellbeing, and nurturing relationships (new and established) can provide ongoing support and comfort. As mindset coach and high-performance mentor Ben Crowe states, focus more on the ‘human-being and not the human-doing’. Put aside your to-do lists for a moment and truly connect with those around you.

Unplug and restore balance by ensuring you turn off your devices and allow yourself time to rest and recharge. If this is not yet attainable, perhaps schedule some ‘do not disturb’ time so you are not constantly checking your phone or responding to alerts outside of business hours.

Finally, focus on practising flexibility and self-compassion. As the last few years have shown us, life is unpredictable and setbacks are inevitable. Practice self-compassion by acknowledging it is okay to have moments where things do not go to plan or you are having an off-day. Embrace flexibility and adjust your expectations of yourself accordingly. This will help to improve your resilience and ability to bounce back from any shortcomings as the year progresses.

The post-festive blues do not have to be a thing in 2024. Consider what small changes you can make to focus on your wellbeing and sustain as much of your holiday restfulness as you can. You might also like to use the following questions in your team meetings to keep wellbeing front of mind for all:

  • What are some standout moments for you during the holiday season, and how can you carry that positivity forward into your work?
  • How can we encourage each other to prioritise self-care amidst our busy schedules?
  • How can we foster an environment where open and meaningful conversations are encouraged among team members?
  • What strategies do you have for maintaining and healthy work/life/tech balance?

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Source: Mojo Crowe (2024), About us | Mojo Crowe

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