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The Future Landscape of Work for HR Leaders and Businesses: Key Finding 3

The Australian HR Institute’s (AHRI) have released their final Work Outlook for 2023, revealing three key findings into the current state of the Australian labour market. This report, based on responses from over 600 HR professionals and decision-makers illuminates a fascinating paradox – a delicate balance between positive employment intentions and a notable increase in redundancy plans. The report uncovers challenges and opportunities that lie ahead which demand strategic attention from employers.

Key Finding 3: The policy focus for absence management and the right to disconnect 


With a substantial 45% backing for a legal right to disconnect policy, coupled with 41% of organisations already implementing it, employers need to recognise the importance of addressing employees’ work-related stressors. To enhance employee well-being and reduce unscheduled absences, employers should consider interventions such as simplifying adjustment processes, reviewing job quality, and investing in leadership capabilities. 

TMS Tips: 

  • The identified causes of work-related stress highlight areas for targeted improvement. Employers should proactively address these stressors to foster a healthier work environment.  
  • The impact of COVID-19 disruptions, necessitates the development of resilience strategies, acknowledging the prevalent reasons for absences, including home responsibilities, minor illnesses, and COVID-19. Employers could invest in employee well-being programs, tailored to address the specific stressors within their organisation. 
  • Employers should prioritise the implementation of a legal right to disconnect policy to fosters work-life balance, reduce burnout, enhance employee well-being, ensure legal compliance and contribute to increased productivity and loyalty. 


How can TMS help navigate employers through the evolving employment landscape? 

  • Holistic Workforce Planning: TMS support organisations through holistic workforce planning that not only aligns with immediate recruitment needs but also considers long-term organisational objectives. Leverage TMS’ expertise to develop a strategy that addresses the unique challenges of your organisation. This includes assessing the current skill sets, identifying proficiency gaps, creating an optimised workforce for enhanced productivity. 
  • Strategic Talent Retention: TMS belief that ‘All Organisations Are Human’ have sparked many tailored retention strategies that are beyond monetary incentives, focusing on career development and personalised growth plans.  
  • Organisational Design: TMS can support in agile organisational design by assessing the effectiveness of current structures and make adjustments based on recruitment challenges, ensuring flexibility to meet evolving needs. 
  • Strategic Compensation Planning: Collaborate with TMS for comprehensive reviews of compensation strategies, analysing industry benchmarks, economic trends and internal factors to keep pay structures competitive and aligned with organisational goals. 
  • Change Management: Navigate legislative changes impacting pay secrecy clauses with TMS support, adapting policies and contracts for a smooth transition and effective employee communication. 
  • Employee Engagement and Communication: Enhance employee engagement by facilitating transparent communication about the economic outlook and pay expectations. TMS can assist in the development of communication strategies to address uncertainties and foster a positive work environment. 

By leveraging our consulting services, your organisation can proactively navigate economic uncertainties, optimise your workforce and implement strategic initiatives to foster resilience and competitiveness in the evolving business landscape. 

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