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Navigating through unprecedented times in any working environment requires persistence, leadership, and a well-thought-out change management strategy. Over the last year, the world has recognised the value of a robust plan that effectively implements change, promotes agile thinking, and optimises outcomes.

To address this need, TMS Consulting proudly presents our change management framework, iADAPTE™.

Our team has drawn from our extensive experience in leading change management projects and expertise in the practices of cognitive psychology and social neuroscience to develop this simple, yet practical framework. iADAPTE™ not only provides a change management framework for change agents, managers and leaders to follow, but also promotes the philosophy that organisational success relies on a balance between both tangible (systems and practices) and intangible (people and culture) aspects of the business.

By applying and integrating the iADAPTE™ framework, organisations will journey through six phases and ten modules to effectively manage change in their organisation.

What is iADAPTE™?
iADAPTE™ considers the four organisational pillars to assist organisations in considering both the tangible and intangible factors during a change. The pillars of systems, practices, people, and culture work alongside one another to form a successful organisation. For example, an organisation with state-of-the-art systems will not be successful if there is a culture of non-accountability and defensiveness. Similarly, an organisation with a positive, high-performance culture will not succeed with poor systems and processes.

Ensuring that each division complements the other and operates to a level of proficiency and stability will determine whether the foundations of the iADAPTE™ model is robust enough to uphold the change and transitioning required.

Once the foundations are proven to uphold the requirements of the change process, the organisation progresses through the iADAPTE™ phases.

The six phases include:

As they move through the phases, organisations will be prompted to complete ten modules to ensure the change process is robust and comprehensive. The modules include: identifying needs and defining the change, gaining commitment and creating a change strategy, creating a change coalition, consulting and engaging with stakeholders, executing the change, embedding and maintaining the change, and benefits realisation.

People are the Greatest Asset
Whilst the framework provides a robust and structured approach to change management, we must remember that supporting people throughout the change period is a top priority. TMS appreciates that this process can be daunting and stressful at times for some; as such, iADAPTE™ provides a range of tips and resources to effectively manage the human reaction to change.

Supporting people through this transition whilst actively progressing through iADAPTE™ is the key principle for a successful change management journey. The emotional response to change, overcoming resistance and negativity, managing psychological hazards brought about by change, responding to stress, managing fatigue, and having the conversations that matter are all critical to understand and manage while progressing throughout the phases.

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