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Workforce Planning when Downsizing [White Paper]

TMS-Paper---Workforce-Planning_Page_1Workforce planning is a crucial element of ensuring business success, especially in large organisations. Unfortunately, it can be a forgotten task during a time of downsizing, yet this can be when it is most important. This paper explores the benefits of workforce planning, and how it can ensure that downsizing strategies are strategically aligned to business goals and outcomes.

Workforce planning is a key element of business planning that focuses on having the right people in the right job, at the right time, and with the right skills. It’s a process of analysing the future needs and priorities of an organisation, and planning for the resourcing that will be required to meet those needs. Workforce planning is both strategic and action-oriented; that is, a workforce plan contains the key strategies for an organisation to meet workforce needs, and also the activities planned to deliver these strategies.

Click on the link to download the TMS white paper: TMS White Paper – Workforce Planning When Downsizing.

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