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Embedding Experts for Successful Change

It is estimated that two-thirds of change management projects fail in the long-term. Why is this? What can be done to reduce the risk?

When Change Fails
There are a myriad of reasons as to why change initiatives fail in organisations including: setting unrealistic expectations, incorrectly diagnosing the catalyst for change, uncertainty from staff, inability to manage the human reaction to change.
Failed interventions can lead to a sense of hopelessness and psychological fatigue within organisations, culminating in defensive behaviour which may inhibit future performance and productivity. Due to this, it is critical for organisations to manage the process of change in a careful and considered way to increase the likelihood of a successful transformation.

Change Management Options
In an attempt to manage a changing workplace environment, most organisations will either rely on internal staff (within limited change management experience) or hire external support (where there is a risk of limited company knowledge). Although both options have benefits, both also present a risk for effective change management.
An alternate option that captures the benefits of both internal management and external expertise is having an embedded change manager who becomes immersed in the organisation. This change consultant would work alongside the organisation’s leaders, project teams and operational staff to facilitate the change required.

This model presents several advantages, including:

  • Allows the organisation to focus on delivering its strategic priorities with minimal disruption.
  • Brings objectivity throughout the change process with an external expert.
  • In the initial scoping and discovery stages of the change process, the consulting firm (which provides the embedded consultant) will able to ensure the ‘best fit’ consultant is selected, and can draw upon the knowledge, expertise and expertise of the consulting firm when required.
  • The ability of the consultant to upskill current internal change management capability within the client organisation.

The TMS Advantage
With 14 years of experience, TMS has honed its practices in order to provide our clients with an industry-leading approach to embedding a change manager. From the beginning, TMS will work closely with your organisation to understand your specific requirements and culture. Following this analysis, we will identify and select a Change Manager specifically for your firm, reducing the time, hassle, and risk of sourcing one yourself. Supporting your dedicated Change Management Consultant is TMS Consulting’s team of Senior Change Practitioners and Organisational Psychologists who can step in at any time to provide strategic advice and support where required, both to the Consultant and your organisation. Our Organisational Psychologists can also provide expertise in social neuroscience and human dynamics – ensuring your staff remain engaged and supported.

With an embedded TMS Change Manager, you will see an uplift in behavioural change. We focus on ensuring your staff will feel supported and consulted throughout the change process, leading to changes in their behaviour. Additionally, your staff and leaders will be better at managing change through targeted capability development. Your dedicated Consultant will work collaboratively with relevant staff and leaders throughout the change program to develop their change management skills. TMS has had previous success in applying a human-centric approach and considerable experience in ensuring that the unique culture and requirements are handled with precision for successful and sustainable change.

If your organisation is set to embark upon some form of transformation and you would like to find out more about how TMS can embed a Change Management Consultant to assist with the required changes, contact us on 07 3003 1473 or email


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