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Announcing Our Newly Redesigned Website

Hello and welcome to TMS Consulting’s new website!

After months of hard work and dedication from the team, we are pleased to today launch our brand new website. While the old website served us well for almost four years, we all agreed it was definitely time for a freshen up. In planning and implementing the redesign, the real focus was on telling the TMS story, showcasing our team’s capability and simply creating a better experience for our visitors.

Central to the improved user experience is the move to a responsive design. It is no secret that more and more people are viewing web content on the go and across multiple devices and that was no different for our users. As of today our website is 100% responsive which means you will be able to browse our services, learn more about our team, read about our latest news and projects, with ease on your phone, tablet, or the old desktop.

We’ve also enhanced the navigation panel and added multiple page entry points to get you to where you need to faster. One area of importance to us was how we communicated what we do and as you will now see our services are neatly categorised under six key offerings: Leadership, Teams and Culture; Organisational Strategy and Capability; Health, Safety and Wellbeing; Strategic Sourcing; Training; and Facilitation. Over the years our offerings have expanded and matured and we feel these six areas best encapsulate the essence of what we do and why we do what we do.

Additionally, the new website also allows us to better deliver and showcase our popular blogs and white papers that we share on a regular basis with our clients and followers. We are hoping the new site and it’s new features will transform the way our visitors consume our content, as well find and share the content that is useful and relevant to them and their networks.

On a final note, while we have tried to think of everything, of course there will always be areas of the site we can improve and we will keep working on it. For now we’d love for you to explore the site and let us know your feedback with an email here.

Explore the new TMS website.


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