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Introducing iADAPTE™: a change management framework from TMS

iADAPTE Change Management FrameworkAs a leader in change management solutions across Australia, TMS Consulting is proud to announce the launch of its new change management framework: iADAPTE™.

Designed to help managers lead change projects, iADAPTE provides organisations with a comprehensive online tool to successfully navigate business transformations of any size.

The framework that brings together the very best of change theory and over 30 years of consulting experience is a guided change process built around six key stages of change:  Assess, Design, Advance, Position, Transform, and Evaluate.

Managers using iADAPTE will gain access to full suite of tools and supporting documents, introductory and advanced training for change practitioners and an on-line hub for change activities.

TMS Consulting has a long history of helping individuals, teams and organisations undertake change and realise the benefits from doing it well.

“We’ve seen and used all the change models out there and we genuinely believed we could improve on these and create something really special – and I think we have in iADAPTE,” says TMS CEO Helen Wood.

iadapte-devicesAccording to Ms Wood, the iADAPTE™ framework is designed overcome the barriers that often lead to failed change projects.

“The reality is two out of three change initiatives fail and one of the major reasons for change failure is staff buy-in. This has been a key consideration for us when developing iADAPTE and the human element is at the very core of the framework.”

“The response to iADAPTE has been extremely positive with our clients and we are excited to partner with clients across a range of industries to help them successfully deliver on their strategic goals through effective change projects.”

To find out more about iADAPTE please visit the website or call us on 07 3003 1479 to speak with one of our change management specialists.

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