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TMS Consultant Psychologist Heather Ikin to present at No2Bullying 2015

Heather_Ikin_TMS_ConsultingTMS Consultant Psychologist and psychosocial safety specialist, Heather Ikin, has been invited to present at The Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association’s Annual No 2 Bullying Conference taking place 29-30 June at the Outrigger Hotel, Surfers Paradise.

The No 2 Bullying Conference which is now in its third year brings together a range of bullying prevention advocates and experts and aims to address the key areas of Bullying Policy, Prevention and Management Strategies in schools, workplaces and cyberspace.

Heather, who will be speaking for the second year in a row, will present ‘Workplace Bullying: A challenge for which we don’t yet have the solution?’. Please see below for the abstract for this presentation.


Workplace Bullying: A challenge for which we don’t yet have the solution?

Workplace Bullying is a significant issue facing Australian organisations and a topic that we have continued to discuss for several years now. There is an extensive amount of research available on workplace bullying, but it is limited in that it tends to focus on furthering our understanding of the impacts of workplace bullying, the prevalence of workplace bullying, and behaviours that are most commonly observed and contribute to the issue. Despite the degree of interest and research on this topic, why is it that we continue to experience challenges in adequately addressing the problem? It seems to be the case that workplace bulling is an issue that persists in many organisations throughout Australia and internationally, with little progress made in adequately addressing and reducing the problem through effective interventions.

In regards to the prevention and management of workplace bullying: are we getting it right?

The purpose of this presentation is to explore the current strategies being implemented in organisations to address workplace bullying, and to consider the effectiveness and outcomes of these interventions. The presenter will explore current thinking and new directions in workplace bullying prevention and management, and consider what best-practice interventions should look like. Examples of programs and tools currently being utilised by TMS Consulting will be shared.

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