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You are Invited: ‘Integrating Strategy and Culture for High-Performance’ Workshop


Join our ‘Integrating Strategy and Culture for High-Performance‘ workshop to master the art of shaping your organisation’s culture and honing your strategic acumen. Enhance your ability to lead with impact and set your organisation on the path to success by aligning strategy and culture for high-performance. Explore your role as a culture custodian and how to drive growth in today’s evolving landscape.

Facilitated by Helen Wood, TMS CEO, who will draw on her 20+ years of experience leading her own successful business and facilitating leadership development sessions for all levels of leaders across both public and private sectors.

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In this contemporary and immersive session, we will explore the powerful connections between strategic direction and organisational culture. Discover how to lead with authenticity, foster a sense of shared purpose, and create an environment that promotes innnovation, collaboration and growth. 

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