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Workshop: ‘Integrating Strategy and Culture for High-Performance’

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Following the success of last year’s workshop on ‘Integrating Strategy and Culture for High-Performance‘, TMS Consulting is again offering a targeted workshop focused on supporting you to ensure your culture and strategy are fully aligned.

Helen Wood, TMS Consulting CEO and Founder, will be facilitating the sessions and will draw on her 25 years of experience leading her own successful business and delivering transformative programs on culture and strategy to many clients across both public and private sectors.

In this contemporary and immersive session, we will explore the powerful connections between strategic direction and organisational culture. Discover how to lead with authenticity, foster a sense of shared purpose, and create an environment that promotes innovation, collaboration and growth.

“The Integrating Strategy and Culture for High-Performance’ workshop provided great insight into how both culture and strategy are equally important for organisations to implement their strategies both short and long term. Helen Wood uses fantastic practical examples that can be linked to both the public and private sector on organisational approach for leaders to get the best outcomes.”

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The workshop will be offered on two dates in both Melbourne and Brisbane.


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