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TMS Consulting welcome Tomine Soerhus to the team as their new intern.

Originally from Norway, Tomine is pursuing her bachelor’s in business at Bond University, where she is enjoying exploring the many diverse facets within business. Her academic pursuits include a double major in management and entrepreneurship and innovation.

In her role as an intern at TMS, Tomine will be exposed to various client projects and will actively contribute to daily operational tasks. Some of her responsibilities includes amalgamation of team bios, draft blog posts, social media initiatives, and contributing to the development of client proposals.

Tomine is very curious and enthusiastic to learn more about what we do and how we work. Being a team player is one of her key skills from playing multiple sports and through previous work and we are looking forward to the fresh view and insights she can bring to TMS.

Tomine is exited to have this opportunity to learn more about Consulting at TMS, to broaden her experiences through mentoring and develop a strong base for her future within business.

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