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Consultant InFocus: Teegan Modderman

Teegan Modderman_TMS ConsultingIN FOCUS will give our readers a chance to get to know a little bit more about who our consultants are and what makes them tick. In this edition we speak with Senior Consultant Psychologist – Safety and Fatigue, Teegan Modderman.

  1. I came to work at TMS because… Of the opportunity to be a part of such a progressive and innovative company that truly walks the talk.
  2. In my work I am passionate about… Making a difference. Receiving feedback that I have positively contributed to an individual, team or organisation’s success motivates me to work harder to pursue my career goals.
  3. What I enjoy most about TMS is… The ability to shape my career, work with a variety of clients in various industries and the TMS team. When all three come together, you know that you’re working at a pretty special place.
  4. My first job was… When I was 14, I was employed over the summer holidays as Waitress at the Creperie Restaurant. I could travel back to Mackay right now just to order a crepe. They were THE best!
  5. The person I most admire professionally is… A previous manager who helped in many ways to shape my career and work ethic. She is a dedicated leader who inspires through her breadth of knowledge, ability to listen, empathise and support, and skill in promoting and developing others.
  6. The book that has had the biggest influence on my career… I don’t think I could name just one book that has had an influence on my career. Having attended a number of University courses has provided me to opportunity to read many influential books and articles in a variety of topics including organisational psychology, human factors and safety. I think this reading has provided me with a well-rounded approach to everything I apply myself to.
  7. If I wasn’t a consultant I would be… An Event Planner. There’s something spectacular about the journey of taking an idea or vision and turning into an event that not only looks appealing, but provides an opportunity for everyone to network and have fun.
  8. The best piece of advice I have ever been given is… “If you won’t think about it a year or so, don’t stress about it now”. We often find ourselves worrying or stressing over so many things that, in the moment, can seem catastrophic. If we can learn to take a step back and question its relevance in the years to come, generally we find most things are not worth the extra thought. I found this advice really effective in managing my stress levels.
  9. The thing that makes me most happy outside work is… My husband and my two sons aged three and one. Family means everything to me.
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