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Where to from here for Environmental Management?

Marnie Cruickshanks presents at 2nd Annual Environmental Management SeminarTMS was invited to present a session on ‘Where to from here for Environmental Management’ at the 2nd Annual Environmental Management Seminar. Marnie Cruickshanks facilitated a visioning and possibility thinking session with the delegates.

Some 140 delegates from Government and private industry attended the Seminar in Brisbane on 14 September to learn more about environmental matters in the heavy construction materials industry.

The Strategic Questions

Marnie Cruickshanks challenged delegates to ‘think about the legacy you will leave beyond your lifetime in the industry’.  Marnie facilitated a discussion about ‘What’, ‘How’ and ‘Why’ for Environmental Management across the cement, quarrying and concrete industries. Delegates envisioned what the Sector would look like in 50 years (2066) when effectively environmentally managed. The key discussion was around the ‘Why’ for the Environmental Management within the Industry  – its purpose, cause, belief and reason for its existence.

The Themes for Environmental Management in the Future

A strong theme that emerged from the possibility thinking session was the need for collaboration, innovation, mind shifts and the associated behaviour change in the community and the industry.  Actions, initiatives and requirements were identified at different timeframes so the industry can work towards making their vision a reality.  A number of working groups will mature these plans over the next few months.

Thank you to the Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia, the Queensland Government and the Institute of Quarrying Australia for inviting Marnie and the TMS team to be part of such a significant day.

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