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Commanding Your Audience, Hosted by Helen Wood at FINSIA

Whether public speaking, board meetings, project pitch or simply briefing your team, making an impactful impression is a skill essential to a successful career.

On Thursday 22nd of November, TMS Consulting’s CEO, Helen Wood hosted a sold out Networking Event at The Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA) in Sydney. As the founder of TMS Consulting, Helen has developed extensive expertise in the area of making an impact with an audience.

FINSIA is a not-for-profit membership association for financial services professionals in Australia and New Zealand. FINSIA run multiple Seminar and Networking events every week on a variety of professional topics.

The session focussed on how to make an impactful impression with any audience, with specific emphasis on:

  • How to present yourself and your message to different audiences and how to make your communication more impactful
  • The best on public speaking and how they inspire confidence
  • How to structure your presentations and what engages and holds the attention of an audience
  • Ideas on how to give yourself a confidence boost and how to feel more comfortable in front of a crowd.

10 volunteers practiced Helen’s tips during the session receiving both positive and constructive points about their approach.

Feedback from the attendees was very positive with several attendees following up for additional discussions.

For more information on communication and presentation skills, contact TMS at, or phone us on (07) 3003 1473.

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