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Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Cultural Transition Update

Lady_Cilento_Childrens_Hospital_250px-tnIn September, TMS Consulting commenced a long-term project with Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) to provide support and expertise in organisational development, change and transition, and employee wellbeing.

Particularly, TMS is assisting with the coming together of the Mater and Royal Children’s Hospitals as CHQ and as they settle into their new facility, the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, situated in South Brisbane.

Since September, TMS has been engaged in a variety of activities to support the workforce through their relocation, which took place on November 29th.

Examples of these activities include:

Running a range of workshops to assist leaders in understanding the variety of responses employees have been experiencing as they transition through change, and equipping them with the knowledge and resources to support their teams.

  •  Assisting the Executive Management Team with visioning and planning regarding the culture, values and behavioural expectations at CHQ.
  • Supporting new teams in developing and understanding how to work together effectively.
  • Engaging in onsite support through the move into the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital on the 29th and 30th of November.
  • Assisting with key communications going out regarding changes being implemented, progress and achievements, and welcoming the staff into the new facility.
  • Development and provision of a range of resources, including provision of tips and strategies on coping with change, managing stress and fatigue, developing resilience, and managing emotions.
    As we move into 2015, we will be working with CHQ to implement a formal organisational development program, assisting with team development, leadership support, coaching, developing the organisation’s culture and identify, and living the values – all with the intention of supporting the creation of the safest and greatest health service.It is a privilege to be supporting this project and contributing to a major icon and milestone project for Brisbane.
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