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PNG NDoH Leadership and Organisational Development Program Update December 2013

The citizens of PNG need you!

This is one of the key messages that is being promoted through the Leadership and Organisational Development Program which TMS Consulting continues to implement with the National Department of Health in Papua New Guinea.
The TMS team has been visiting Port Moresby on a monthly basis to deliver leadership and management development workshops along with skills-specific training sessions to support the Department in delivering on its National Health Plan. A key element rolled out during October and November were team development workshops, during which divisional staff had the opportunity to come together and focus on how they work together as teams and how to improve their effectiveness.

These workshops included elements such as developing a clear vision and purpose, understanding the strengths and areas for development within the team and ensuring they were focussing on the elements critical to the sustainability and effective performance of the team.  The workshops provided a good opportunity for staff to step away from their desk and to analyse how they are travelling and what they needed to change.  They also had a chance to reassess and focus on those things that can become neglected by teams in many organisations when they become busy and focused on deliverables particularly in complex environments like health.

The skills training program was also warmly received by staff and there was a lot of very positive engagement and learning.  It was particularly encouraging to see the learning that staff undertook and noted. As one staff member commented, “the certificates are symbolic and made it feel like we all achieved another milestone in our lives. It has been a journey in which we all have been enriched with information, skills and techniques to help us aspire and be better in all that we do”.

The TMS team looks forward to the final visit to Port Moresby for this program in March.

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