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PNG NDoH Leadership and Organisational Development Program Update

PNG_NDoH_Leadership_Program_1TMS visited the PNG National Department of Health in September for its second official visit as part of the Leadership and Organisational Development program aimed at supporting the Department in implementing the National Health Plan.

The central event of this visit was the Living the PLICIT Values Morning Tea to launch the program with all Department staff and to build upon the initial efforts of the August visit. More than 160 staff members attended and our understanding is that this was one of the most highly attended events the Department has hosted. There was great involvement by staff, particularly during the competition to design the logo and motto for the Program, which produced fantastic results.

During this visit, the TMS team also facilitated workshops with the management group along with training sessions for team supervisors and key support staff. These sessions were highly interactive and were designed to encourage learning and development directly related to the Department workplace and to the creation of a high performance culture.PNG_NDoH_Leadership_Program_5

Positive feedback has been received from attendees and already small changes are being observed in the workplace. Helen Wood, TMS CEO, noted “this is an exciting time to be working with the National Department of Health in PNG and through the enthusiasm of staff, great outcomes can be achieved”.

This exciting program continues to build momentum and the TMS team is looking forward to its ongoing, monthly visits to Port Moresby.

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