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PRESS RELEASE: Career Bridging Program for the Public Sector

Career_Bridging_PRTMS Consulting today announced that it has created a new service offering to support out of work and at-risk public servants secure work in the private sector.

“We are pleased to launch the TMS Consulting Career Bridging Program which has been developed to support individuals through the transition and help them bridge the move from public to private sector roles,” said Helen Wood, Managing Director of TMS Consulting.

“Many of them are previous clients of TMS and we wanted to support them in their transition and highlight the significant skills that come with public sector experience.”

The program is expected to appeal to those looking to gain confidence in entering new job markets, exploring new career options and learning how to sell themselves in a competitive market.

For $995 including GST, the program will include:

  • two 1.5 hour sessions with an experienced career development consultant- career counselling on how to explore new sectors and roles
  • a professional, tailored CV which highlights transferable skills in targeting private sector roles
  • an objective assessment of workplace characteristics and preferences
  • an analysis of Australian industry sectors and job shortages
  • job search tips including contemporary approaches to social media and online networking
  • interview preparation techniques
  • a personalised action plan to assist participants on the path to a new and satisfying role

Given that 4000 public servants have already departed State Government and with up to 15,000 more to follow, there is a risk of job market saturation and a high proportion of job seekers looking for work in the private sector for the first time.

“TMS have the knowledge and experience to provide the right advice to those looking to move from government to the private sector.  Many of our consulting staff come from the public sector as do I”, Ms Wood said.

“The TMS Team has significant public sector experience and we have made the transition to working successfully in the private sector”.

In addition to the Career Bridging Program, TMS will also offer additional, optional sessions covering in-depth interview coaching, psychometric assessments, career coaching and tailored development of professional LinkedIn profiles.For more information please contact TMS on 07 3003 1473 or visit

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